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ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute - Latest Press Releases [June 1997]
GPRS (General Packet Radio Services -- over GSM) is in the final rounds of ETSI standardization in the spring of 1998.
IAB, the Internet Architecture Board
RFC Editor
Available from SUNET: RFCs, other Internet documents
IETF, the Internet Engineering Task Force
Current drafts - Working Groups
ITU, the International Telecommunication Union - Latest Press Releases [1997]
Telecom Indicators Online
An index of ITU-T recommendations can be found online, and some documents can be downloaded for a fee.
WAP Forum - Latest Press Releases
Founded in June 1997, devoted to the specification of the Wireless Application Protocol.


Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
NANP, the North American Numbering Plan, as presented by Bellcore.
Post och Telestyrelsen (Sweden) - Latest Press Releases
Telehallintokeskus (Finland) - Ajankohtaista - Latest Press Releases
Telestyrelsen (Denmark) - Latest Press Releases

Telcos and Alliances

AT&T - Latest Press Releases
BT - Latest Press Releases
BT Labs
Cable & Wireless PLC - Latest Press Releases
Cable & Wireless Communications - Latest Press Releases
Industry Eye
Concert - Latest Press Releases
Deutsche Telekom AG
Share price at Frankfurt, NYSE, Tokyo
Europolitan - Latest Press Releases
France Telecom - Latest Press Releases
Global One - Latest Press Releases
Netcom Systems AB (Sweden) - Pressmeddelanden - Latest Press Releases
Netcom B share prices at Stockholm Stock Exchange
Tele 2
Pacific Bell
PTT Telecom (The Netherlands) - Latest Press Releases
Tampere Telephone Company (Tampereen Puhelinosuuskunta, Finland)
Telecom Finland - Uutiset
Telecom Finland International Ltd - Latest Press Releases
Tele Danmark - Latest Press Releases
Telenor (Norway) - Latest Press Releases
Telenordia (Scandinavia) - Latest Press Releases
Tele 8 (Sweden)
Telia (Sweden) - Latest Press Releases
Telia Denmark
Telia Norway
Telia UK - Latest Press Releases
Vodafone - Latest Press Releases
World Partners - Latest Press Releases

Vendors / Brands

Bull AB - Latest Press Releases
Maker of the OpenVoice large-scale voice/fax messaging system.
Swedish branch of Groupe Bull - Latest Press Releases
Ericsson - Latest Press Releases
Ericsson B share prices at Stockholm Stock Exchange.
Ericsson Review
Ericsson Wireless NOW!
Lucent Technologies - Latest Press Releases
Bell Labs - Library - Bell Labs Technical Journal
Motorola - Latest Press Releases
Motorola Sverige AB - Latest Press Releases
Nokia - Latest Press Releases
Nokia SDB A share prices at Stockholm Stock Exchange
Nortel - Latest Press Releases
Telesis magazine
OpenDirectory - News
Australian maker of RDBMS-based X.500 directory server systems that scale to country-wide ADMD application.
Siemens AG - Latest Press Releases
New World
Siemens Telcom Report
Qualcomm - Latest Press Releases
Unwired Planet, Inc. - Latest Press Releases.
VocalTec Communications Ltd - Latest Press Releases

Media and Analysts

BWCS provides daily free 3G news and analysis and major market profiles. (Link added in December 2000)
Computer Industry Almanac Inc
Karen Petska-Juliussen and Egil Juliussen are the authors of the Computer Industry Almanac (8th ed., 1996) and the Internet Industry Almanac (1st ed., 1998).
CIT Publications
A specialist publisher in the telecoms field, providing the free daily newsletter Communications Update.
European Telecommunications Directory
Published by Dominion Marketing Ltd, Bristol, UK.
Handheld Systems Journal
Magazine for handheld developers.
Mobile Week
The key technology issues facing users and operators of mobile communications networks. A Total Telecom publication.
an independent research and consulting company offering advice on IT and telecoms markets.
Who owns who map of telecom alliances
Pen Computing
Magazine covering mobile computing & communication
Satellite Week
News and analysis of key technology issues in the satellite industry. A Total Telecom publication.
Total Telecom
a daily online publication from the publishers of Communications Week International and Communication International, that is a leading source for telecoms news and analysis on the Web.
Volksware, Inc.
Life-style magazines for mobile computing, on-line and on-paper:
Mobilis, the mobile computing lifestyle magazine
Volksware Mobile Galaxy


Allgon AB
Allgon B share prices at Stockholm Stock Exchange.
DataVis AB
Epact Technology AB
Erda Utvecklingsteknik AB
GoldPen Computing AB
Kreatel Communications AB - Latest Press Releases
Based in Linköping, Sweden, develops least cost routing equipment and services for wired telephony.
Lynx Technologies Inc
Lynx Link Page
Lysator - Latest Press Releases
Lysator's PDA Pages
Mobile Info
Provided by Dolnet Computer Communications, Inc.
Mobile Computing Links
QiTEL AB - Latest Press Releases
Sendit AB - Latest Press Releases
Founded in 1994, based in Stockholm, Sweden, designs mobile computing solutions based on Internet protocols, Windows CE, and GSM/SMS/PCS.
A Swedish branch of Rational Software Corp.
Svensk TeleUtveckling & ProduktInnovation AB (STUPI)

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