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My Datsun 280Z

I'm Lars Aronsson (lars@aronsson.se) and this is my car, which I bought on 2 Dec 2000. It is an orange (color #110) 1977 Datsun 280Z sports car with stick shift (4 gears), no power steering, no power windows, just a very powerful look and a straight 6 cylinder motor of 2.8 liters. If you want to learn more, join the Internet Z Car Club.

13 Dec 2000 - These images were taken on a sunny December day in San Francisco.

seaview edge front leftfront leftback interior

Here I parked my orange 280 Z from 1977 close to a red 280 ZX, probably from the early 1980s, so you can see the differences. Mine is rounder and more decorated, and overall has more style.


8 Dec 2000 - The glass of the original outer mirror is flat, which gives a very narrow field of sight. After looking around, the best solution seems to be a 3 inch diameter round stick-on mirror from a Kragen Auto Parts shop. This is ugly and gives a smaller mirror, but a much better view of what happens beside and behind the car.

This tail sure is easy to find in the parking lot.

2 Dec 2000 - Would you buy a car from this man? Well, I did. He is Mark Gordon, owner of Auto Wholesalers in San Leandro.

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